Tangent360 was founded in 2005 by Tommy Davies, an already experienced photographer, web designer and developer. Around that time virtual tours were just starting to come of age with new Flash based plugins providing better quality and more control than the old IPIX and Quicktime systems.

The company created its first high resolution virtual tour of a kitchen showroom in Liverpool and the resulting product was well received by the customer but also in photography and virtual tour circles. Tommy then started to work on custom interfaces that included controls and thumbnail images designed into an interface that complemented the corporate identity of the customers business.

Google Trusted Photographer LiverpoolIn March 2012 Tommy was contacted by Google and asked to apply to become a Google Street View Trusted Photographer. Google had looked at the quality of the existing work from Tangent360 and chose Tommy to be their first Google Street View Trusted Photographer in Liverpool.

Since then Tommy has completed over 300 Google virtual tours for businesses and organisations in Liverpool and other parts of the country. From karting centres to furniture showrooms, from corner shops to Marco Pierre White restaurants.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Tommy is working on some amazing new tools and features for his virtual tour customers that will push the boundaries once again. Watch this space…